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What A Week (April 11th)

It was a HUGE week behind the scenes here at Wasatch Milk

  • We hired a new driver - Chet - bringing our total driver count to two including Mitchell! That's not considering me (Andrew) delivering from time to time

  • We bought two additional trucks (International Step-vans)

  • Signed a contract on a warehouse located off I-15 and I-215 S

  • Set up a 300 sq foot cooler at the new warehouse

  • Development of new routes for Park City and extra delivery days in the valley

These added assets have allowed us to go from 400 customer capacity to now a 1500 customer capacity in the span of a week. In fact, next week we are nearly doubling our total customers from 220 to just over 400.

We are asking for a huge favor. Please refer anyone you may know to sign up for our service. Every new customer makes our delivery service more efficient.

We also have seen some price increases on eggs and other bi-products in stores - but as company we are so far taking the additional costs ourselves. Contrary to common belief, we are more likely to have fresher products in stock if we grow our customer base due to the fact that we can have multiple deliveries per week. If we can get busy enough - we anticipate we can get 5 deliveries of milk a week meaning from moo to you all milk is 24 hours from the cow.

As a reminder, please remember to set out your coolers it is getting warmer outside. We strongly suggest to place a cold pack in your cooler the night before your delivery.

(Handy Tip: a half filled frozen plastic 2-liter/1 liter or other such bottle will also do just as well).

Regarding other products announcements, we have new products available if you have not already added them into your orders. Any other new products/vendor partnerships we announced and do not currently have in stock are on hold for now. We are looking to bring these vendors on when the time is right for us and them; as well as other vendors/products and will announce when we do. We want to focus on the products we have to avoid supply shortages.

And more good news - our delivery accuracy has improved. We had a fulfillment rate of 86% the week before and it is up to 93% this week - mostly due to a cream/choc milk/lemonade shortage. We are hoping to eliminate this for next week with the addition of the larger warehouse capacity.

One last thing - some people have been asking why our half gallons are not dated. Our coder (prints dates on bottles) was out of ink and our ink has finally arrived so bottles will be getting dates put on them probably this week - but certainly next week.

As a reminder - all milk brought to you will always have at least 11 days on the shelf life (14 from date bottled)

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