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Milk prices reach record high!!

It's going to be a great few months for all the dairy farmers out there! Milk prices have reached the highest price I have seen in the 15 years I have followed the market.


It's going to hurt our bottom line - but we are going to hold the current price line for at least a few months or more if it does not continue to rise. The forecasts do predict the price will level off or decrease slightly towards September and October and reduce back to a more typical range in November and December. The price shown is for a CWT of milk - meaning 100 lbs of milk straight from the cow. This is how fluid milk is purchased and then turned into the products you love and enjoy.

Part of the reason we are able to hold the prices on our milk is because so many of you are buying additional products (bread, eggs, pies etc.) and we do appreciate that and hope you will take another look at some of our additional fantastic local products that can be found here.

In fact - in this last week we have added a variety family meal kits from Elizabeth's Catering and fresh Bagels from the Bagel Den in Heber City (and of course their delicious double whipped cream cheese to pair with them) ; we will also start carrying granola from Park City Granola.

Also another way you can assist us keep prices lower is to refer your friends and family - as we reduce our advertising budget (which was not a huge expenditure already) to zero to help offset milk prices. With our new warehouse and cooler we have a large capacity for growth and as we continue to grow we plan on expanding the products we offer. This includes fresh local produce, artisan crusty breads/pastries and butcher shop cuts of beef, chicken, pork and more. Remember - you and the person you refer also get a discount on milk for 5 weeks for each person you refer (this includes our new creamline whole milk!).

We wish you and your family the best and appreciate you being our customers!


Samantha and Andrew Stolworthy

Co-Owners - Wasatch Milk

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"Farm goods straight from the cow, our milk has never tasted so good!"

— Sarah K.

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