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How we store your information

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

We live in a time, and rightfully so, where everyone is concerned with how their information - both financial and otherwise - is stored and shared.

At Wasatch Milk we take great responsibility with the information you share with us. Regarding your personal details (Name, Address, Phone, Email, Orders etc.) we will never share these with any 3rd party. Your information (excluding your financial information) is stored on our tightly secured local database behind a firewall and an encryption.

When it comes to your financial information, once you submit your payment information and your account is approved, we send it directly to our payment processor: We do not retain anything other than the last 4 digits of your CC or last 3 digits of your AHC account number on our local database; meaning, when you submit your payment information online our employees never have access to your payment information. Every time we send over your information to for payment authorization we only send a token which does not contain your payment information.

Your financial information is stored on in a highly encrypted database with one of the top premier and proactive companies when it comes to security.

Note: If you only partially sign up and have entered your payment information; our security features do not allow us to access your payment information. Therefore, if you request we complete your sign up manually using the information in our database you provided, we cannot enter your payment information and you will need to re-enter this information once your account is activated. This will not double bill you. Your original payment information remains secured with (this includes any partials sign ups that wish to not sign up right away).

We do everything in our power to protect you and respect your privacy. Our trust from our customers is paramount to us and we would never do anything to betray that.

If you have questions - feel free to email us at or call us and we will get back to you promptly.


Andrew Stolworthy

Co-Owner, Wasatch Milk

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