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Covid-19 Sanitiation Precautions

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

We wanted to take a moment to update our customers on the topic that is on everyone's mind : COVID-19 and how we are mitigating the exposure risks and continuing our deliveries.

We take you and your families health and safety very seriously and are doing everything we can to ensure we can deliver to you while keeping your families from exposure.

Regarding our employees, we will be requesting temperature checks before their shifts and are instituting a no fault policy for any employee that shows even minor symptoms of possible infection. We will not let them work if they are showing any symptom likened to the COVID-19.

During all deliveries, between stops we will be using hand sanitizer and doing our best to keep any possible surfaces and items we handle sanitized using approved sanitizing wipes. We have also provided gloves for our employees to handle items when they deliver them to your door.

We do ask that if you have less then 5 returnable bottles you need to return, please hold on to them until you have 5 bottles or more we can pick up. This will mean we are only picking up half as many batches of bottles, which limits our exposure.

Additionally, due to tremendous growth, we may experience temporary availability of half gallon bottles. This will be a short term issue and if our bottle production does get stalled in any way, we will substitute out a gallon sized container for each 2 half gallons and you will be charged the same amount for the gallon as you would 2 half gallons (bottle deposits will be removed).

If you would be willing to let us know, please make us aware of anyone in your house that is experiencing symptoms. As always, we keep your information confidential and secured; we will still deliver to you, but we ask that you either hold onto your returnable bottles or set them out at least 72 hours before your delivery.

We don't anticipate any issues with customer or driver contamination or exposure at any point, but be assured we are doing everything we can to allow our business operations to continue, give our employees work and safely deliver to our Wasatch Community.

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