Our Dairy

Rosehill Dairy is located at the southern tip of Cache Valley in the city of Hyrum, Utah. We began milking cows in 1972 and then in 1989 we began processing, bottling and delivering our milk directly to customers. Rosehill Dairy milk is free from artificial growth hormones and antibiotics.

Our Cows

Rosehill dairy milk comes from the iconic American dairy cow Holsteins and Jersey cows known for their cream and A2 milk. Our cows are fed a formulated mix of hay, fermented grass and gain silage and highly nutritive grain mix for health. 

Mission & Promise

Wasatch Milk is an exciting new local small business dedicated to bringing the freshest local farm goods to customers each week with an unparalleled dedication to service and quality. We aim to bridge the gap between the farm an your home by partnering with local framers and producers in Utah. Our promise is to treat every customer equally whether your order is small or for a large family.

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"Farm goods straight from the cow, our milk has never tasted so good!"

— Sarah K.

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