How Our Delivery Service Works

Order your products online with your secure

customer account 

  • Set up your online account with your customer number

  • View products, prices and descriptions

  • Change your standing (weekly) order or add products for one time delivery

  • Make changes to your delivery schedule or payment info

We gather products

from our

farms & producers

  • We gather items from our farms and producers between 24-48 hours before delivery

  • Around 9 PM the night before your delivery we load deliveries into our trucks

  • Our drivers deliver overnight so you can wake up to fresh products on your doorstep

We deliver between midnight and 8am on your 

scheduled delivery day

  • Leave your milk box or cooler on your front step (or let us know where you want your products delivered)

  • Wake up to our fresh milk (and other amazing products)  on your doorstep just in time for breakfast

You wake up with your farm fresh products on

your doorstep

  • We guarantee you will love your products

  • We will email you your invoice the same day as your delivery

  • You're billed automatically with your payment source on file 24 hours after you receive your invoice

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here:  Sign Up

Is there a minimum order?

No , but you must order $8.50 or more worth (excluding sales tax) of products to get a lower delivery fee of $1.95. 

 If your order total (excluding sales tax) is less than $8.50 the delivery fee is $2.95.

How are my products delivered?

Your products will be delivered weekly on a set day each week determined by your neighborhood.

They will arrive the morning of your delivery no later than 9 am.

How do I return my milk bottles?

After you finish your delicious milk (or juice) simply give the bottle a quick rinse and place it back in your cooler/box the night of your delivery. We collect them and replenish you with fresh milk (and/or juice) and the bottles return to our bottling facility where they are washed and sanitized for reuse. 

Is there a deposit for the returnable bottles?

Yes, we charge a $0.75 deposit for each bottle we deliver.  When you return the bottle we will automatically credit you back $0.75 for each bottle we re-collect.  If you cancel your delivery service we will pick up any bottles you have and as long as you return all your bottles you will receive your full bottle deposit back. 

What is a “standing order” and how do I change it?

Your standing order is the order you would like to receive week after week. You can change your standing order by logging into your customer portal; alternatively you can send us an email or call our main office (801-215-9640). Order change deadlines depend on which products you order beginning  at least 24 hours before your delivery to ensure the freshest products, view products for specific product information and more details.

What if I go on vacation or can't receive my order?

You can give us a call or send us an email before your order deadline to cancel or suspend your order.  If you do not cancel before the deadline your will still be billed for that order using the account information we have on file for you. Your products will then be donated to a local shelter since we won't resell products to maintain our farm fresh standards and guarantee.


Please Note: we can suspend your order as long as you need since we don't require a contract.

How will I be billed?

We bill weekly after your delivery is made. When you sign up, you are required to enter auto pay information for either a Credit Card or AHC Account Payment.  It is important to check your invoice and contact us within 24 hours if you have questions or notice any errors to prevent being billed for missing products; otherwise after 24 hours a credit will be issued for your next order.

We do not accept personal checks or cash.


What is your 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee?

When you are a Wasatch Milk customer you can expect quality customer service! If we can’t answer your call or email right away we will strive to contact you back within 24 hours or by Monday if it is a weekend. Wasatch Milk a husband and wife team, if you need anything outside of business hours you can request their direct cells for 24/7 customer service support. We stand behind our guarantee know that customer service is as important as the products we deliver.

Is there a contract or commitment?

NO!  We do not believe in making our customers agree to any terms or conditions. You only pay for the products you receive and can cancel at anytime as long as you let us know prior to the order deadline. We are convinced that when you try our products and experience our customer service you will want to remain a long term customer with Wasatch Milk.

Can I use my own cooler or do you have milk boxes?

You are welcome to set out your own cooler or you can purchase on of our milkboxes listed on the products page for $47.00. They are made locally and customized just for us, we do not take any markup on them and sell them at cost. The milkboxes can hold approximately 6 HG of milk and 2 dzn eggs, are insulated galvanized metal with our logo.

What are your prices for your products?

Our product prices and descriptions can be found here.


Are there additional fees?

Your total bill includes cost of products, delivery fee, applicable deposits (reusable bottles and bags), and any applicable sales tax. Starting Jan 1, 2021 a 2.5% credit card processing fee will apply. 

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