Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products local?

Yes! Our products are either produced or made in Utah and our dairy is located in Hyrum. All of our vendors we partner with are 100% local Utah businesses.

I have questions about how your delivery service works?

You can find answers to all delivery service questions on the page Our Delivery Services . You can also email us at with any other questions.

How do returnable bottles work?

Simply rinse the bottle then recycle the cap and place the empty bottles outside for our driver to pick up on your next delivery. There is as a $0.75 charge when we deliver to you but when you rinse and return it we credit you back $0.75.

What happens to my payment information?

All payment information is stored in a secured online vault. We require autopay and payments are made within 24 hours after you recieve your invoice. You can find more info about it on our blog: How We Store Your Payment Information.

What other fees (like a delivery fee) do you charge?

We charge a delivery fee, returnables deposits and any applicable sales tax. Orders of $8.50 or more the delivery fee $1.95. For orders less than $8.50 the delivery fee is $2.95. Bottle deposits on HG bottles are $0.75 and Wasatch Freezer Bags are $6.00 and are credited back with each return. Starting January 1, 2021 a 2.5% credit card processing fee will apply.

Do your cows recieve artifical growth hormones (rBST)?

No! Our cows never recieve any artificial hormones.

Are your cows treated well?

Absolutely. We treat our cows like family - we even know them by name.

Why is your milk not organic?

Our dairy is operated under similar organic practices but we are not certified organic. You can find detailed information on the difference on our blog page : Is Our Milk Certified Organic, A Breakdown . It comes down to the feed, which we supplement when the cows are not grazing in the pasture which is not from organic farms.

Do you carry raw unpasteurized milk?

No. It is against federal regulations to sell raw milk outside of the facility or farm which it is produced and bottled. We also choose not to for health and safety reasons.

I'm sensitive to lactose, do you have non dairy options?

We are looking into milk alternatives and maybe A2 milk in the future. Additionally, our herd is a blend of Jersey(A2) and Holstein cows, which tends to be more tolerable for people who are lactose senstitve in additiona to the way we cold pasteurize our milk. This is in no way saying if you are lactose senstitve our milk is right for you, but give us a try we offer a 100% satisfication guarentee and your money back if it is not the right milk for you.

Is your skim milk watery?

Our skim milk is a lot creamier than milk from the grocery store because we use a special cold pasteurization which means more of the non fat milk solids remain in our milk. Read more here and take our skim milk challenge !

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"Farm goods straight from the cow, our milk has never tasted so good!"

— Sarah K.

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