Founder & Co-Owner,  Andrew Stolworthy

Our founder,  Andrew has been involved with both home delivery of dairy and grocery products and the operation and managing of dairy processing plants for over 15 years. During his Junior year of college at Boise State University he realized people's desire for a home delivery service and after an initial small advertising campaign: Boise Milk Home Delivery began in 2002.

Overtime Boise Milk grew from 40 families in 2002 to over 2,000 by 2012. Boise Milk was eventually purchased by another local Idaho dairy, which still serves the Boise area today. Growing up in South East Idaho, Andrew has always had a love for the Salt Lake City area and always desired to live and work here.


 Co-Owner, Samantha Stolworthy

Business partner and wife, Samantha has spent her life learning the science of cooking and perfecting the art of creating healthy meals. Her love of farm to table ingredients paired with being a local business owner striving to support other local businesses and farmers. Wanting quality farm goods without buying the farm, she partnered with her husband to use his delivery model and her food expertise to bring farm quality to as many households as possible. 


Her farming experience includes working with farmers in Africa in the Peace Corps helping improve environmental sustainability, provide households with food security, and educating the local population the importance of healthy meals. After the Peace Corps she attended Eastern Washington University and obtained her MPA, so she adds some business savvy behind the scenes


She's our quality control cow and the official mascot of Wasatch Milk. She ensures we have happy cows and happy customers. You could say she's our herds top cow. 

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"Farm goods straight from the cow, our milk has never tasted so good!"

— Sarah K.

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